Sunday, 13 January 2019

Home Decor

I was being creative in the bedroom. No not like that. I brought a wall poster and created a doorway into another world. Quite proud of it.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Using a background of a very familiar scene if you live locally (Beech Walk) in Windlesham. I made this gift for a book lover last year. Just to explain I used my inking pads, die cuts, some puzzle pieces and greyboard letters from CraftWorks. On the inside I used striped background paper and more inks , an Alice in Wonderland stamp, made some bookmarks and a Waterfall card on the left. Each flap has a famous quote from books or authors. On the right; miniature card pack, a scroll which has on it a list of classics and below is a little pocket for anything extra such as a gift card. Hope you like it.

Fun, Sticky Fingers and wonky edges

Hi Everyone,

Let me introduce my self my name is Karen and I am in the process of starting up an idea.
As the heading suggests the aim is to have fun while doing your choice of craft. Full of hints, tips mishaps and the occasional works of art that we can oooh! and aahh! at. It will be aimed at from the very young (so keep it clean) to the very mature of us. From the pre beginner (if there is such a word) and the more talented of us.  So hopefully, through this we can make lots of friends. On a more serious note there will be those of us who live alone or in circumstances that make it difficult for people to get out and about. Hopefully we can all inject a little light into each other's lives.