Wednesday, 13 March 2019


An idea came to me during the night. So armed with one candle, some pieces of Art tissue paper, a Jayla stamp, heat gun and fingers crossed came up with this idea.

A piece of white art tissue was stuck down with masking tape to the glass mat. Cut out several pieces of pinks and screwed then up wetted the base tissue paper and applied the pink pieces to the base to create some sort of semi circle shape. Wetting as I go. At this stage I am thinking what are you playing at. Leave to dry completely. Lucky I was not tempted to fiddle as I had to go out.
Once dry, I carefully removed the screwed up pieces and waited another few minutes just to make sure it was dry enough. I then applied the Jayla image with black memento ink. Remove the tape and very carefully unpeel the tissue image from the glass mat.
Trim down to size using some scissors and gently wrap the tissued image around the candle. Then get a piece of greaseproof paper from your kitchen stash. Long enough so that you wrap over the image and can hold everything away from the heat gun. Apply the heat and just like embossing powder you will see the image change.
When completed remove the greaseproof paper and you will see that the tissue paper is now embedded on to the candle surface. With any luck you will end up with this.

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